Click to view full document: CWE Letter to Indiana Governor re: IDNR’s bobcat meetings

“Early this year, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) proposed an omnibus rule package that included language to allow the hunting and trapping of bobcats. This proposal was hugely unpopular and generated strong public opposition. In response to the public’s opposition, the Indiana Natural Resources Commission’s (NRC) voted to withdraw the proposed bobcat season from consideration at the Commission’s May 15, 2018 meeting.

As the following information and attachments detail, IDNR is hosting meetings behind-the-scenes with select constituents to “discuss implementing a bobcat season here in Indiana”. The Department was also actively involved in a communication workshop where the agenda focused in part on “harvesting bobcat”. IDNR’s recent actions conflict with the NRC Secretary’s public assurances that all constituencies would be actively engaged prior to any future consideration of “sensitive” issues such as a bobcat hunting and trapping season…” READ MORE